Andrew Chinery

Professional maths and computing tutor, online and around Bletchley. That and other hobbies. For all enquiries please email me.

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There is an iPhone app called "Tube Exits" that tells you where to get on the London Underground to be closest to the exit when you get off. A friend described this as "the most Chinery thing ever".

Photo: Lecturing at Bath

One of my second year lecture courses

I have always enjoyed teaching; from being the go-to friend for technical advice and recommendations, through one-on-one private tutoring of A-level and university students, to the formal teaching position I recently held at the University of Bath. I have always had an affinity for explaining complicated concepts, and over these years of teaching experience I have been able to supplement this with the theory and practice of delivering material at a variety of academic levels, to students of varying ability, in all manner of structures.

Photo: Coffee Brewing

A syphon brewing some delicious Kenyan coffee

A few years ago I was gifted an espresso making lesson at Colonna and Smalls in Bath, and that began my journey into speciality coffee. Now it's a daily ritual in my kitchen, from a V60 to a cold brew drip tower to a single group espresso machine. Coffee is a habit for many people, so why not make it a hobby as well? I get to enjoy the kind of taste variety and exploration that most people only associate with wine or whisky, but I don’t have to feel guilty about having mine before noon!

My typical childhood phase of wanting to be an astronaut or firefighter did not last long. As far back as I remember, at least as early as I was reading about the success of Bill Gates, I wanted to be a computer programmer. I remember asking my teacher, in my early teenage years, how to do this; he said “go to university and do a computer science degree”. Fast forward to today, and I’ve now been coding for about 10 years: at school, for my degree, in the technology department of one of the world’s biggest companies, day after day sat in a room doing my PhD, and for my own enjoyment too.

Once a passion, and now just a companion. I'm not sure whether the best camera is the one you have with you, but one thing is for certain: I do always have one with me, thanks to my phone. That has certainly subdued the need to carry around my chunky DSLR, extra lenses, battery pack, flash gun, reflector and so on. But they are not forgotten, and I would never turn down an offer of a photography expedition to some city, park, or whatever you fancy.