Once a passion, and now just a companion. I'm not sure whether the best camera is the one you have with you, but one thing is for certain: I do always have one with me, thanks to my phone. That has certainly subdued the need to carry around my chunky DSLR, extra lenses, battery pack, flash gun, reflector and so on. But they are not forgotten, and I would never turn down an offer of a photography expedition to some city, park, or whatever you fancy.

Some of my favourite subjects are animals. I am neither a wildlife expert looking to document every subspecies, nor an artistic genius who will spend days setting up the perfect shot. I just like cute things. I like seeing them with my eyes, and then if the opportunity presents itself, I like trying to capture what I see with the camera. Hence my phone is full of hundreds of photos of other people's dogs.

I'll try any sort of photography, with various levels of success. Landscapes are one of the trickiest to get looking interesting, but it doesn't stop me trying from time to time. I've even dabbled with using a film SLR for a few rolls. I really like the way that the scarcity of shots and manual controls force you to take more time over each decision. I would do a lot more if it weren't for the high cost of getting film processed. I've thought about trying to do black and white film myself; who knows, one day I might even have time.

Luckily I am always surrounded by interesting subjects, such as people playing with fire. Which gives me a good opportunity to play with Photoshop as well! If you need a shark inserted into a photo or someone's head inserted on someone else's shoulders, you know who to come to.