I have always enjoyed teaching; from being the go-to friend for technical advice and recommendations, through one-on-one private tutoring of A-level and university students, to the formal teaching position I recently held at the University of Bath. I have always had an affinity for explaining complicated concepts, and over these years of teaching experience I have been able to supplement this with the theory and practice of delivering material at a variety of academic levels, to students of varying ability, in all manner of structures.

I have taught mathematics and computer science from the absolute basics (GCSE and below) up to postgraduate university (MSc) level, in lectures to groups of over a hundred students, through tutorials of a dozen or so, to one-on-one lessons. If you need a tutor, for yourself, your child, or even for a group, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Here are a few quotes from previous students:

"Teaching quality is 11/10. Andrew is the best lecturer I've ever had since starting University."

"As usual, Andrew's style of teaching and his presentation/handouts are of very high quality. I really like how Andrew cares about his students..."

"The lecturer was mindful of when students appeared confused, and proactively gave additional explanations to content, without asking students to raise their hands. I haven't seen this kind of observation and consideration in previous courses."